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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convention 2012

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me regarding the Convention theme for 2012.  I think blogging is new to all of us and many of you have emailed me directly rather than post comments on the blog - so I have decided to summerise it all here.

There were some great new suggestions of themes and I will certainly hold those ideas for next year.  Clearly many of you had discussed this subject at the event and I am planning to keep with your ideas.  We will make our main theme `Carousels` partly because I have got excited about it but mainly because that is what you requested!!!  I have a number of designs on paper including the bear event piece.  We will include in the event a `Sweet 16` party and that may be where the dragon event piece will come from because I am having trouble fitting him into the `Carousel` theme.  However, I am still working on it but a dragon riding on a carousel horse is too far fetched even for me.

Jamie suggested that I add additional characters to some of the old sets such as `Wizard of Oz`, `The Nutcracker` and `Camelot` and `Alice`.  When we first started doing the conventions I did plan to do that but somehow I forgot about it.  I have always meant to make a `Clarissa` for the Nutcracker for example.  I did add the `Pumpkin Head and the Sawhorse` to the Oz collection some years ago and it remains one of my favorite pieces.  I also added `Alice holding the little baby pig` to the Alice Collection.  

`Wizard of Oz Collection`
I am off on a trip later this week but look out for some fun news for all those `Binkers` out there which will automatically post up while I am away.  I hope to still be able to get into my Blog but  never know!

`Pumpkin Head and the Sawhorse`

10th Anniversary - Alice with the Pig Baby

Alice Collection


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