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Monday, October 28, 2013

Convention Auction Report

The 2013 Convention `Circus Parade` is all finished and was a truly fun event and I had the best weekend ever!!!

On the Saturday night we had an auction which has become the highlight of the weekend.  The majority of the pieces are Originals or my `Working Samples` I take to the factory to work from. I try to only sell `special` pieces like my very first `Cookie Cutter` pieces and my first `Prim Doll`.  My first `Gothic Prim` went into the raffle.  I also included my first large sized `Prim Dolls` including `Pumpkinella` who I had a hard time parting with.....but she went to a great home, as did all the pieces....which makes it so much easier!!

All my other `First` Cookie Cutters went into the Raffle.

The prices for the pieces this year were really high and I was really `blown away` by some.  Auctions are funny things, sometimes the prices go crazy high and other times you can pick up a real bargains this auction!  I think the prices show more about the collector`s than the artist.  They were are a bunch of good people who wanted to show me their support as I change direction slightly. 
7 inch Fairy Godmother Dragon  $1260

14 inch Pumpkinella, ball jointed cloth Prim doll $400

`Patches (4 inch) on a PushamePullyou $1250

14 inch `Adelaide` ball jointed cloth Prim doll  $325

7 inch `Trick and Treat` English Gollies $800

 7 inch `Laugh`s` Dragon $1150

`Petalumpa` Mouse 2.5 inches  $1,550

3.5 inches ` Peanut`  $675

 5 inches `My first Cookie Cutter Cat...Catawampus` $400

7 inches  `My first Prim doll...`Nelly`  ...she was one of my favorites  $500

This 3 inch bear is one of my very early Artist pieces dating back to around 1990
he was my very first `Magician` piece and the rabbit was tiny and very detailed ..he even had paw and foot pads.  $375

The remainder of the pieces are One Of a Kinds also but they are my working sample which means I might have sewn it but I definitely finished it.  They are pieces I planned to put into manufacture as small editions but in fact, never did, nor ever will!!

4 inch `Saffron`  $430

4 inch `Turmeric`  $400

3.5 inch `I am a Princess All Day` $325

3.5 inch `Ray of Sunshine` $700