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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convention 2012

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me regarding the Convention theme for 2012.  I think blogging is new to all of us and many of you have emailed me directly rather than post comments on the blog - so I have decided to summerise it all here.

There were some great new suggestions of themes and I will certainly hold those ideas for next year.  Clearly many of you had discussed this subject at the event and I am planning to keep with your ideas.  We will make our main theme `Carousels` partly because I have got excited about it but mainly because that is what you requested!!!  I have a number of designs on paper including the bear event piece.  We will include in the event a `Sweet 16` party and that may be where the dragon event piece will come from because I am having trouble fitting him into the `Carousel` theme.  However, I am still working on it but a dragon riding on a carousel horse is too far fetched even for me.

Jamie suggested that I add additional characters to some of the old sets such as `Wizard of Oz`, `The Nutcracker` and `Camelot` and `Alice`.  When we first started doing the conventions I did plan to do that but somehow I forgot about it.  I have always meant to make a `Clarissa` for the Nutcracker for example.  I did add the `Pumpkin Head and the Sawhorse` to the Oz collection some years ago and it remains one of my favorite pieces.  I also added `Alice holding the little baby pig` to the Alice Collection.  

`Wizard of Oz Collection`
I am off on a trip later this week but look out for some fun news for all those `Binkers` out there which will automatically post up while I am away.  I hope to still be able to get into my Blog but  never know!

`Pumpkin Head and the Sawhorse`

10th Anniversary - Alice with the Pig Baby

Alice Collection


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First of all I have to wish everyone a `Happy Thanksgiving` it is going to be a special one in my house because I have both sons home for the first time in four years!  Hurray!!!

 Can you Help

I am busy planning next years Deb Canham Convention which will be held 5th-7th October 2012.  What I need your help on is a `theme`.  Last year we had `Fairy Stories` and previously we have had `Mardi Gras`, `Safari` and `Halloween` to name but a few.   I need the theme to design the `Convention pieces` and the small limited edition prize pieces.  I have posted some pictures of some of last years Fairy story characters.  

I could not bring myself to do a Troll that ate Billy Goats so I made `Trollina` on the second row on the right.  She jumped out from under the bridge and chased the Billy Goats down the road to kiss them - they hated that!  So much nicer than being eaten though!

Please add your comments.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Creating a Blog

I have to say that I am beginning to believe I might be a genius!!!  I have customized my template, added a Facebook badge, created a page and in the process lost the only two followers I had.  I realize I might have been a bit premature announcing I had started a blog.  It takes time to get it up to where you want it to be.  However, I am taking baby steps and moving forward. 

The aim of this blog was to provide a way to keep in better contact with my collectors and to have a more current news feed for collectors than I can manage on a static website.  It is brilliant.  The remaining question is what took me so long to get it going?  I still have to add a box somewhere for `Upcoming Events`.  I also have to get this to run on my webpage but if I achieve it all today I won`t have anything left to challenge me tomorrow!  A day without challenges - I couldn`t stand it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

`Winter Sleigh Ride`   Teddy bear measures 3.75 inches, mouse 2.5 inches and the snowman 3 inches.  The bear and mouse are made from German mohair.  Limited to 50 pieces world wide.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some of the 2011 Holiday releases

 `Pine Nut` pictured right was a limited edition of 30 pieces world wide.  He measures 3.75 inches, is made of mohair and is fully jointed.  He has a lovely gold mohair with a brown fleck and a dark green sewn in mohair jacket.  He is now sold out of my office but may be found in some stores. 
`Holly Beary` also measures 3.75 inches and is made of mohair and fully jointed.  He was also limited to 30 and I have no more available to send to stores.  His mohair is a light gold and is jacket is red with a black fleck.
 `Poinsettia` is a 3.75 inch fully jointed dragon made from ultra suede and 100% wool.  She has a white feather hair with a gold lurex thread and carries her own trombone!!!  She is limited to 60 pieces.

`O Tannenbaum` is 3.75 inches and made from green ultrasuede and blue velvets.  He has red silk bow trim and spots and carries a French horn.  He is limited to 65 pieces world wide.

Why I am starting a blog

I do have a web page at but it is easier to post little bits of news up on a blog.  I produce miniature fabric bears, dragons, mice and other animals in small limited editions and sell them to stores and collectors all over the world.  I also have a facebook page `Deb Canham Artist Designs` and I am trying to get everything on to one page so people can access the different information easily.

I am also introducing a `Deb Canham Studio Line` for my one of a kind pieces and other `different` things I make.