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Monday, November 14, 2011

Some of the 2011 Holiday releases

 `Pine Nut` pictured right was a limited edition of 30 pieces world wide.  He measures 3.75 inches, is made of mohair and is fully jointed.  He has a lovely gold mohair with a brown fleck and a dark green sewn in mohair jacket.  He is now sold out of my office but may be found in some stores. 
`Holly Beary` also measures 3.75 inches and is made of mohair and fully jointed.  He was also limited to 30 and I have no more available to send to stores.  His mohair is a light gold and is jacket is red with a black fleck.
 `Poinsettia` is a 3.75 inch fully jointed dragon made from ultra suede and 100% wool.  She has a white feather hair with a gold lurex thread and carries her own trombone!!!  She is limited to 60 pieces.

`O Tannenbaum` is 3.75 inches and made from green ultrasuede and blue velvets.  He has red silk bow trim and spots and carries a French horn.  He is limited to 65 pieces world wide.


  1. Wow! I am impressed. I even found how to see some of the newest pieces--just by clicking on the link. You have done a great job!!

  2. Your work is incredible! I look forward to seeing all your new designs...

  3. Thank you Charlotte and Kristi for posting. I will be releasing my new items up here. Next to come is the Valentine Collection releasing mid December in time for Valentines Day.

  4. YEAH. I got to see them at convention and loved all the new pices for nxt year.