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Thursday, May 26, 2016

As the end of Club Year 17 approaches and Club Year 18 starts on the 1st June 2016 have been reflecting on some of the past events.  We had several ` Bear Camps` during the last 18 years and I thought you would enjoy one of the letters that the Binker`s sent home to their owners.  Here it is below it gives you an idea of what they did while they were here. 

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6th October 2005

Dear Home,

Sorry I haven’t written sooner but Deb has been waiting for all the Binker`s to arrive.  We are almost all here now so, since it is raining this morning, we are all sitting down to write letters home.  Deb is helping with the spelling.

Everyone is very friendly here. 

Over the weekend we all settled in.  Deb said we were probably all a bit tired from our journey and all the excitement of coming on such a long trip.   None of us got lost and one little bear came all the way from Australia.  His Mum told him `not to get so excited that he missed his stop`.  He talks with a different accent to the rest of us, but he`s cool and has great jokes.  He will keep calling everyone `Tucker`. 

I am in a dorm with six other Binkers.  A couple of them snore really loudly and Deb says that we would not find it a problem `if` we didn’t chat till all hours.  The secret is to be the first one asleep.  She says, she learnt that at boarding school.

We had to learn a few drills for safety reasons.  We have a `beach drill` for when we go swimming, a `boat drill` for when we go boating and a `fire drill` for when we go firing!!  

Lynne, Angela and Deb are very nice.  They aren`t really strict at all but they do seem to suffer from stress when it comes to worrying about us `Binkers`.  Lynne said we were giving her a headache the other day.  It has rained a bit this week and when that happens we go into the office to `help` them.   Angela has been packing up the new bears for the autumn and we have had a look and met them all.  The `Halloween` collection is `cool` and we have all had a go at riding `Santa in Florida`s flamingo`.  We have also been pulling each other round on `Plum`s` sleigh but we got told off for that because we were going so fast and turning such tight circles that `Binkers` were flying off in all directions.  Deb said it was becoming a real challenge to get all us Binkers home without injury. 

We have gone to Venice Beach a couple of days.  It is a nice time to visit since it isn’t really busy yet and we had plenty of room to run and play.  Deb had lots of beach games and we played beach `cricket`, which is a variation of an English game.   The ball was a little bit too hard for most the Binker`s so we got Deb`s dogs to retrieve the balls after we had hit it.  `Sweepy` is very good at bringing the ball back for the bowler to throw again BUT `Daisy` and `Chopper` kept running off with it.  So in the end we abandoned the game of cricket for `Chase the Dog`.  The dogs won.

Last night we were going to have  a big Camp Fire but it got rained out so we are hoping to have it tonight.  The entertainment is being provided by all the `Halloween `Bears.  `Spells` says she is going to make sure that she `frightens the living daylights out of us!`.  Deb says, it’s a silly expression and she always wondered what the `living daylights` were when she was young.  Anyway, Charlie and Sam (Deb`s sons) said they have some great ghost stories and Richard, Deb`s husband is bound to find some way to get involved.  I think Deb was just planning on us singing some camp fire songs.

The weather has been quite wet this week.  So for the last couple of days we have indoor activities.  This morning Deb made sure we all had a rain cape and insisted that we were all going out for a `Treasure Hunt` since she couldn’t stand any more squabbles in the house and we all needed some exercise.  We have been playing, `Snakes and Ladders`, cards and Bingo.  We have also been polishing up our individual poetry readings ready for a special show next week.  Some of the Binker`s are planning on singing as well and one Binker is doing a piano recital except his stool has broken but Deb says she can find him another one.

We did discuss doing a play but Deb says that last camp she had so much trouble trying to organize a Camp play.  Being as there is a shortage of girls at camp we have to call on all the girls in Deb`s line.  Apparently, the Dappled Dragons get hugely out of control being such Prima Donna`s, so much so that Deb cancelled the  last  event to avoid hurt feelings, not to mention a fight.

Anyway, the sun has come out so we are all going out on a boat.  Charlie has a large tire and he can tow it behind the boat at great speed with us clinging on.  Have to hurry before Deb finds out.

Much love Binker

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Promotion

I have a special promotion for the next couple of weeks 20% discount on my website store.  When asked for discount coupon type in the word       halloween

Please note that you will be charged shipping unless your final order total is over $100


Bear & Doll Show

Also I will be attending a Doll and Bear Show at Washington State Fairground, 110 9th Avenue SW, Puyallup, WA 98371

October 11 and 12 from 10 am - 3pm

for more info go to

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Horizons

As many of you know I am no longer producing manufactured pieces in my line.  I do have a stock of some pieces although the majority are sold out.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 18 years and really feel it is time to move on to new horizons.  As you will see I am really going back to my beginnings.  I am only producing Original pieces and have completed my new book,` Making Miniature Animals` and also my first Tutorial and pattern `Pumpkin Dolls`

 I am making small editions of dragons, monsters, bears and dolls.  I am also producing some one of a kinds.  Basically I am having a blast.....I so needed to find myself again creatively.

 I am also still selling all my manufactured pieces and including some of my personal samples and hard to find old pieces and I  put them up on my Webstore on a regular basis.  

New Tutorial & Pattern `Pumpkin Dolls`

These two Pumpkin dolls measure 14 inches and are made of Osnaburg cotton.  I have produced a detailed tutorial on how to make these pieces and all their clothes. It includes a pattern for them and all their clothes.  It can be purchased on the link below.

I firstly produced this as an Ebook which has worked very well for those overseas. It is now available in a printed format and can be found in my webstore shop.

Some Original One of a Kinds (some 14 inch)

 Some Original small Limited Editions

 Some One of a Kind 7 inch cloth dolls


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workshop Albuquerque, New Mexico May 30, 31 2014

May 30 and 31 2014 I will be attending a doll and teddy bear event in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I will be teaching a work shop to make the above `Baby Bunting`.  She was a special project I did with my sister Jane Davies.  Jane made the heads and I designed the body and outfit.  She measure 3.5 inches and the head is porcelain. The cost of the workshop is $98.00 dollars.
The event is organised by Dorothy Drake and more information about how much fun we are going to have there can be found on her website at
I cannot wait.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have now completed my eBook and it is available for purchase and download from my webstore, just hit the `Buy Direct` button to get there.

This 95 page eBook covers all aspects of miniature bear making.  The book is directed at beginners through to experienced bear makers and many of the techniques used in miniature also apply to big bears and animals. There is a pattern for a 3.75 inch bear which can be adapted to a cat or rabbit with the additional patterns in the book.  There is also a 1.4 inch (3.5cm) pattern for a tiny dollhouse sized bear which is sewn mainly by machine.  How to sew by machine and by hand are both covered in this book. 

 Choices of fabrics and the benefits of each are discussed in detail along with the available threads and tools which are required.  The idea of turning very small pieces deters many people from trying miniature but with planning, the correct tools and the various methods which are in the book it can easily be achieved.  Also covered in the instructions are nose embroidering, setting in eyes and mouths and face finishing including needle sculpting and shaping.  Stuffing, one of the most important details of creating sewn toys is discussed in depth,

Having completed the small animal there are some ideas for costuming and accessorizing and some patterns to make dress, dungarees and pants. Pattern design is examined and the shapes of my various head patterns which have been used to make all sorts of animals from birds, to muzzled bears, to mice to rabbits are all shown.  Also discussed in the book are points of inspiration and where to find the ideas to make fun pieces  and how to progress on to other animals be they,  monsters, cloth dolls or Original bears.  I have shared my method of planning design. There is also a section on how to wire miniatures to give them that extra shape and detail.

Through out the book you will find tips which I have learned over the years.  My aim was to share everything I have learned in the last 25 years with artists today and also with people who just want to have fun making a miniature

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January News

January always seems to be a crazy busy month.  I have updated the Web store with Spring items and orders over $95 will receive a free `Parsley` bunny, while stocks last.

I plan to have some Originals up on the web store on Saturday 1st February at 1pm and they will include some Cookie Cutters and some Prim Dolls and more.

I will be attending the Hugglets `Winterbearfest` at Kensington Town Hall, London On Sunday 23rd February, 2014.  Such a trip down memory lane for me since I lived around the corner in the late 70`s.  I am really hoping to launch my new book (which might only be on a CD depending on printing costs) called `Everything I know about Sewing Miniatures`.  The title says it all!

I hope everyone is staying dry and warm, the weather seems crazy.  It has been cold in Florida too but I hesitate to complain about it, or even mention it given the weather so many of you are having.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

`Happy Holidays`

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. 
love Deb xxx