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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

`Happy Holidays`

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. 
love Deb xxx

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank you but all the dolls are now sold out.  I will be doing more in the New Year because I just love making them. Deb

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Original Limited editions

I have just added to my Store on my website two`Original`  new limited editons.  The dragon `Jack Frost` Pictured above)  is now sold out so sorry to those of you who were not able to get him.  Also up there is `Snowgirl` a 3.5 inch white mohair bear in my Prim style and she is limited to 5.  As of now, there are some available. 

I will be adding some Prim Dolls and some Cookie Cutters next Saturday. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Convention Auction Report

The 2013 Convention `Circus Parade` is all finished and was a truly fun event and I had the best weekend ever!!!

On the Saturday night we had an auction which has become the highlight of the weekend.  The majority of the pieces are Originals or my `Working Samples` I take to the factory to work from. I try to only sell `special` pieces like my very first `Cookie Cutter` pieces and my first `Prim Doll`.  My first `Gothic Prim` went into the raffle.  I also included my first large sized `Prim Dolls` including `Pumpkinella` who I had a hard time parting with.....but she went to a great home, as did all the pieces....which makes it so much easier!!

All my other `First` Cookie Cutters went into the Raffle.

The prices for the pieces this year were really high and I was really `blown away` by some.  Auctions are funny things, sometimes the prices go crazy high and other times you can pick up a real bargains this auction!  I think the prices show more about the collector`s than the artist.  They were are a bunch of good people who wanted to show me their support as I change direction slightly. 
7 inch Fairy Godmother Dragon  $1260

14 inch Pumpkinella, ball jointed cloth Prim doll $400

`Patches (4 inch) on a PushamePullyou $1250

14 inch `Adelaide` ball jointed cloth Prim doll  $325

7 inch `Trick and Treat` English Gollies $800

 7 inch `Laugh`s` Dragon $1150

`Petalumpa` Mouse 2.5 inches  $1,550

3.5 inches ` Peanut`  $675

 5 inches `My first Cookie Cutter Cat...Catawampus` $400

7 inches  `My first Prim doll...`Nelly`  ...she was one of my favorites  $500

This 3 inch bear is one of my very early Artist pieces dating back to around 1990
he was my very first `Magician` piece and the rabbit was tiny and very detailed ..he even had paw and foot pads.  $375

The remainder of the pieces are One Of a Kinds also but they are my working sample which means I might have sewn it but I definitely finished it.  They are pieces I planned to put into manufacture as small editions but in fact, never did, nor ever will!!

4 inch `Saffron`  $430

4 inch `Turmeric`  $400

3.5 inch `I am a Princess All Day` $325

3.5 inch `Ray of Sunshine` $700

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18,19, 20th October 2013   Last Chance to Sign UP

Only a few weeks till our 2013 Convention and the theme this year is `Circus Parade`
`Fabiola and Flavio` are already sold out prior to the event.  Attendees get to select 2 pieces as part of their package but will win more!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Launching The `Prim Collection

These little characters above measure 4 inches and are a new design for me.  They are inspired by my love of all things `Prim`.  They are a Limited Edition of 60 each and are available through my stores.  Please contact me if you do not have a local store. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It is that time of year again.  Today sees the start of Year 15 of the Deb Canham Collectors Club which means its a great day to join us.  Many many thanks to all of you who have been with me since Year 1 and tothe many of you that have been with me for a number of years.  I truly appreciate each of everyone of you for your support.

Club members receive a free mohair bear from my stocks, an exclusive Year 15 velvet bear, regular `Doodle` newsletters where I keep you informed as to new products (you will be the first to see the front of the picture above), shows, all the convention details which have been released to Club Members only at this stage, competitions and the chance to win more free bears.

To join please go to and click on the Join Club link.

Those of you who were members last year please note that the Club Section for last year is now closed and to get into it you will have to rejoin again this year.  I think some of you have problems getting to the site please refresh your browser and go directly to not directly to the Club section to rejoin.

Any problems or questions please email me at

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Club Year 14 coming to an end.

May 31st sees the last day of Club Year 14 and it is the last opportunity to purchase the Year 14 Club Exclusives pictured below.
Pictured left to right are:-
`Little Charmer` 2.5 inch mohair mouse
`Nu Nu Dragon`3.75 inch lilac ultrasuede dragon
`2013 Paws for Thought` a little 3 inch mohair bear on a toadstool
`Sunny` 3.75 inch mohair bear and red bunny

I am busy preparing the last `Doodle` for this Club year and hope to have it shipped in the next couple of weeks.

I have almost completed all the pieces for the 2013 Deb Canham Conventon to be held 18,19 & 20th October.  The theme this year is `Circus Parade` and it is all done but for the `wheels` which should be arriving in the next 10 days.  I wanted to release the information on the event at the same time as I send out the last `Doodle` of the Club Year.  Thus, it is causing a slight delay in the shipping of the Newsletter. Sorry about that.    Deb

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Idex Show April 11-14

Next weekend I am attending the Idex Show which is being held at the Doubletree by Hilton at the entrance to Universal in Orlando, Florida.  It has been some years since I have been able to do this show since it conflicted with the big Spring Fair in the UK.  So looking forwards to returning.

I have attended so many shows this year that I returned to my studio a couple of weeks ago just desperate to stitch and play.  I made a few `Cookie Cutter` pieces which I will be on sale at the show.  
They each measure 5 inches high and other than the dolls are made of mohair.  I did question whether to make them pins but I think they are a little large.  I have a love of simplicity in design  and the old Primm pieces have always   `called` to me and it is from them that I took my inspiration.  Perhaps the only thing to add is that I really had fun making them.  There are still a few pieces to finish including a rabbit.  Many might wonder why I did a Gothic Primm style doll.....I challenged myself and did it for fun!

I am running a workshop at the Idex show to be held Friday afternoon.  The students will be receiving a bear which is sewn, stuffed and just about fully assembled but for the ears and head.  Their role is to attach the eyes, embroider the nose, sew on the ears and head and then have fun decorating the bear.  I chose to spell out `Create` with his little blocks but everyone can chose their own word.    He is 4 inches and is a pin.  The students have four hours to complete the class but realistically it should not take that long.......but we do get chatting and time seems to fly by.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To my Club Members I am glad to say that volume # 60 Doodle (Club Newsletter) is sealed and ready to mail to you all and will be leaving my office tomorrow.  Please note that you can check it out now on the `Club` section of the website.

I had a great show at CIMTA  and the Spring Fair in Birmingham.  

This weekend  (16th & 17th February 2013) I will be at the 

Orlando Miniatures Festival
International Palms Resort

24th February 2013 I will be at the `Winter Bearfest` Kensington Town Hall,
London  Stand 75D


Friday, January 25, 2013


Just heading off to the CIMTA SHOW in Las Vegas on Monday.  It will be the first time I have exhibited at this show.  My booth number is 211 and the show runs 29th-30th January 2013 and is trade only.

3rd-7th February I will be in the UK exhibiting at the Birmingham Spring Fair where my booth number is Hall3 N15 (usual place) again Trade Only

16th-17th February I will be exhibiting at the Orlando Dollhouse Show, Orlando, Florida and look forwards to seeing Collectors

24th February I am thrilled to be returning to the the Hugglets Winter Bearfest, Kensington, London, UK has been many years since I have attended this show where my career began.  Looking forwards to seeing many old friends.  Truly a great trip for me.

Toby Industry Choice Award 2013

Well done to `Cookie Monster` a limited edition of 50 pieces she won a `Toby Industry Choice Award` this January.  She is 2.5 inches tall and very cute.

The next `Doodle` (Club Newsletter) will be released around the 17th February 
featuring the new releases for early 2013

Sold Out

`Lettie` from Jan 2013 `Valentine`s Collection` is sold out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Animal Dolls

These little characters `Muffin Mule` left and `Zuba Zebra` are part of a new series  called the `Animal Dolls`.  They both measure 3 inches and are made from ultrasuede and velvets and limited to 75 pieces each

New 2013 Valentines Collection

is part of the Dappled Dragon line.  He measures 3.75 inches and is made of green ultrasuede with a red jacket and black and white animal print bottoms....very sassy.  Least he thinks so.  Limited Edition of 50

`Suzie Mouse`
is part of the Mini Mices Collection.  She measures 2.5 inches and is made of cream mohair.  Her cotton dress is cream and white and has tiny black spots on it.  It is trimmed with black cotton lace and a red heart and red silk bow.  Suzie is Limited to 50 pieces.

is a 3.75 inch mohair bear in my `flump dumpy style`.  She is wearing a red dress withlarge white polka dots and her dress is trimmed with cotton lace.  Lettie is a small Limited Edition of 30 pieces.

May Bunny
measures 3 inches and is made from a mahogany colored velvet with a tiny white spot.  She is wearing a pink and green striped cotton dress trimmed with cotton lace.  May is Limited to 50 pieces

measures 3 inches and is made from a brown velvet with a deep rose pink top and grey blue bottoms.  He is made in my `flump dumpy` style and Limited to 50 pieces.

is an addition to the Dollhouse Collection.  She measures just under 2 inches.