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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well the tennis tournament did not go as well as planned.  I guess it just got too competitive.  I think part of the problem was trying to keep everyone busy.  We only had two tennis racquets and one court which meant there were a lot of them not totally `involved`.  The players kept complaining that the 27 ball bears kept getting in their way and the umpire complained he could not see if the ball was in or out because the ball bears were blocking his view.  Then the players  complained that they would have got to the ball but were impeded by the ball bears.  Result....event abandoned.

Today we are going for a `chill` day.  Lots of sunbathing.  I might try something academic later; get their brains working, a general knowledge quiz.

They are all very excited about going four wheeling this weekend.

Pictured is Binker Plovich.  He brought all his toys to camp and is happy to share.  He also has a story to tell.  He did not come directly to camp.  He took himself off to New Orleans and arrived late at camp !!!!  He keeps saying `what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans!`

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