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Sunday, April 15, 2012

All the Binker`s have at last left to return to their owners.  Here is a copy of Binker`s last letter home. 

Dear Home,
This is the bestest ever camp. I am having so
much fun. We have had adventures everyday.
Monday we went to Myakka Park which was full of wildlife. We had a list of what animals, reptiles and birds we might expect to see and we had to tick them off as we found them. If we saw one that was not on the list we had to write it down. We saw snakes, spiders, lizards, turtles, pigs, bobcats and the biggest meanest looking alligator in the whole world, it was at least 20 foot long….Deb said I
exaggerate a little!

There is a big murky river that flows through the area and there were lots of gators and turtles and beautiful old trees hanging over the river bank. At the end of the day there was a prize for the bear that spotted the most animals. A couple of them listed a whole load of animals that nobody else saw including a saber tooth tiger,dinosaur, penguin and a hippopotamus. Deb said she was surprised no one else spotted the pink elephant...I know I didn`t.

Tuesday we went down to Boca Grande and went out in kayaks through all the mangroves. It was a lovely day but a little hot but we got to see some dolphin and some manatee. A couple of lazy bears fell behind the group but someone shouted shark and they soon caught up and in fact, overtook us all and Deb had to chase after them.

Wednesday we went out on Venice Beach dressed as pirates and went searching for buried treasure. Deb gave us all shovels and we dug and dug. There was a small problem with bears digging under people sunbathing in deckchairs and showering them in sand.

 Deb said to keep away from the grown ups because the treasure was no where near them. At the end of the morning, one of the bears was missing. We had to go off in pairs and search the beach and Deb was really panicking. We found him asleep and half buried in one of the holes that we had dug! Deb said It should not have happened because we are suppose to be `buddied` up all the time. `His` buddy is a really nice chap but he is forgetful and had forgotten that he had left him sleeping.

     We have bears from America, England, Scotland and the Netherlands so I am learning lots about other countries but sometimes I do have a bit of trouble with the accents. Binker Warner came from Scotland and he brought his bagpipes, a mini car and a bottle of drink which Deb confiscated. His bagpipes sound really haunting and Deb loves them but she has banned him from playing them first thing in the morning because
they make Richard, Deb`s husband , shout….he does not like mornings, we all stay out of his way.

     We had a tennis tournament the other day but it all got a bit out of hand. We only had one court and two racquets and that meant that 28 of us had to stand and watch. Sometimes it got a bit boring, especially when the bears kept missing the ball. So Deb tried to include us all and one of us umpired, we had 8 linesbears and then the rest were all ball bears. Trouble was everyone kept getting in the way. The linesman could not see the lines for ball bears and the players kept complaining that they would have got to the ball and hit a winner if the ball bear had not been in the way. On of the players hit one bear in the head with the racquet andthat caused a fight and Deb called an end to the event and sent everyone to their own little space to
think about their behavior. 

   We have been doing a lot of swimming and working towards out Lifesaving certificates. We have had some General Knowledge quizzes and play Bingo.  Some of the bears brought some fun board games and we get to play on Clayton`s X Box in the evenings when he is asleep. We have also been working on our music skills, drums, cymbals...nothing quiet!!! 

Binker Plovich had a really exciting trip coming to camp. His Mum sent him directly to camp from Illinois and he managed to go to New Orleans.Deb keeps asking him what he did there but hejust says `what happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans`. Deb says he is a `cheeky monkey`.He has told us all about it…….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really hoping I get mis-routed there on the way home. 

Deb says we cannot stay outside all the time because it is a little too hot so we have some indoor activities. We are doing painting today and we have to be very careful not to get it on our fur. The activity with glue the other day was a disaster and some bears were actually glued together…. We have pottery tomorrow and I cannot imagine how messy that might get.

The food here is really good. We eat a lot of honey and for a treat the other day Deb brought us
some German rapeseed honey….you have to get some, its ever so expensive and I so prefer it to the type we have at home. If you are shopping, I would really like a big drum set because I am now really proficient on the drums and play them whenever I can.

We have all been very helpful to Deb. The other day her cat got stuck up a tree…..its an old cat
and it had never climbed a tree before but two stray dogs came into the yard and chased her up.  We had to help Deb carry the ladder all the way from the garage to the tree. We helped her put it up but she decided it was a job for Richard. When he got home we went to show him where the cat was in the tree and…………… wasn`t there any more!!

One of the things Deb says we have to work on is`the concept of sharing`. Of course, it is not a problem when I get home!! Everything there is mine!

On Sunday we are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt. A number of the bears are allergic to Chocolate and some get sick when they eat it. I heard Deb tell Richard that it will not be a problem if they get Clayton to hide the eggs because nobody will find them anyway.

Well, I have to go now because we are all going four wheeling with Sam and Clayton. Deb had a terrible time trying to find crash helmets for us all but as one Binker pointed out it was not really a problem because our heads are full us stuffing. The goggles were an issue too.

Oh...I forgot to tell you. While I was here I made friends with another bear I met flying on a
Hummingbird in Deb`s garden. I have invited them to come and live with us, I know you will love
her. She is very sweet and the Hummingbird is great because he takes us on flights and I now have my own taxi service. Now you will never be able to find me!!! The only thing is that she and the Hummingbird only eat the really expensive Honey….sorry about that…perhaps I could cut down on ice cream a little to help towards the cost.

Well, I have had a lovely time here and there are still some more events to enjoy including a huge farewell party Wednesday night. Deb said to tell you that I will be leaving on Thursday…`s hoping its via New Orleans. Cannot wait to see you. Love to everyone at home. You are the best.
Hope you got my Easter card. Lots to tell you.
Your loving Binker xxxooo

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  1. Binker Bonser arrived home safely and he is still buzzing over the great time he had at camp.