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Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Horizons

As many of you know I am no longer producing manufactured pieces in my line.  I do have a stock of some pieces although the majority are sold out.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 18 years and really feel it is time to move on to new horizons.  As you will see I am really going back to my beginnings.  I am only producing Original pieces and have completed my new book,` Making Miniature Animals` and also my first Tutorial and pattern `Pumpkin Dolls`

 I am making small editions of dragons, monsters, bears and dolls.  I am also producing some one of a kinds.  Basically I am having a blast.....I so needed to find myself again creatively.

 I am also still selling all my manufactured pieces and including some of my personal samples and hard to find old pieces and I  put them up on my Webstore on a regular basis.  

New Tutorial & Pattern `Pumpkin Dolls`

These two Pumpkin dolls measure 14 inches and are made of Osnaburg cotton.  I have produced a detailed tutorial on how to make these pieces and all their clothes. It includes a pattern for them and all their clothes.  It can be purchased on the link below.

I firstly produced this as an Ebook which has worked very well for those overseas. It is now available in a printed format and can be found in my webstore shop.

Some Original One of a Kinds (some 14 inch)

 Some Original small Limited Editions

 Some One of a Kind 7 inch cloth dolls


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