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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have now completed my eBook and it is available for purchase and download from my webstore, just hit the `Buy Direct` button to get there.

This 95 page eBook covers all aspects of miniature bear making.  The book is directed at beginners through to experienced bear makers and many of the techniques used in miniature also apply to big bears and animals. There is a pattern for a 3.75 inch bear which can be adapted to a cat or rabbit with the additional patterns in the book.  There is also a 1.4 inch (3.5cm) pattern for a tiny dollhouse sized bear which is sewn mainly by machine.  How to sew by machine and by hand are both covered in this book. 

 Choices of fabrics and the benefits of each are discussed in detail along with the available threads and tools which are required.  The idea of turning very small pieces deters many people from trying miniature but with planning, the correct tools and the various methods which are in the book it can easily be achieved.  Also covered in the instructions are nose embroidering, setting in eyes and mouths and face finishing including needle sculpting and shaping.  Stuffing, one of the most important details of creating sewn toys is discussed in depth,

Having completed the small animal there are some ideas for costuming and accessorizing and some patterns to make dress, dungarees and pants. Pattern design is examined and the shapes of my various head patterns which have been used to make all sorts of animals from birds, to muzzled bears, to mice to rabbits are all shown.  Also discussed in the book are points of inspiration and where to find the ideas to make fun pieces  and how to progress on to other animals be they,  monsters, cloth dolls or Original bears.  I have shared my method of planning design. There is also a section on how to wire miniatures to give them that extra shape and detail.

Through out the book you will find tips which I have learned over the years.  My aim was to share everything I have learned in the last 25 years with artists today and also with people who just want to have fun making a miniature

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